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Conscious Eating

Nutrition & diet, the most confusing things on the planet! I do know a few things....artificial sweeteners and sugar are bad for you, use natural ones: Honey, agave, stevia or at least more unrefined sugars, such as: molasses, raw sugar, etc...

Eat more raw foods, foods in their natural state, organic if you can. Limit your intake of fried foods. Mostly, just be aware of what you are eating! I recommend keeping a food diary for a week or so...then notice where you can make better choices and implement some changes slowly. If you go too fast, you set yourself up for a binge and discouragement.

Indulge on occasion, by all means. But, give your body the best you can give it and it will repair itself. Our bodies were made to be self repairing.

And don't forget to be kind to yourself, today and every day. And be kind to others!



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