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Drink More Water

Water is the stuff of life...we are mostly water. We should drink at a minimum, a least 2 liters a day. That is on top of coffee, tea, sodas,, most folks live in a dehydrated state. The recommendation is one liter per 30 to 40 lbs of weight. That's a lot of water! But the benefits are manifest when you flush toxins out of your body with water.

I recommend drinking alkaline water since your body fluids should be alkaline. We use the PH Miracle pitcher at our house, we love the taste and are working on getting our intake up. There are a lot of good water filtration products out there, but some can be highly expensive. The one we use fits our pocketbook and gives us the most bang for our buck.

Research for yourself the benefits of good water and the right kind of water for you. And stay Hydrated!



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