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Fun Friday Book~Heroes Feast

Okay, so my geek is showing...I was never into D&D, but a lot of my friends were. I was too busy with life to have time for it. I was introduced to High Fantasy by Tolkien, and then waylaid by Anne McCaffery, Edgar Rice Burroughs, etc... so I can dig the genre. But I do love cookbooks...some are totally boring, but some give you ideas! And this book is totally in that category. I heard about it through my youngest son who got his hands on a copy and was raving about it. A very good reason to give it a look-see.

I love the photos and drawings throughout and the recipes are lovely, there are several that had ingredients that I had not though about adding to a dish, seriously going to try them out! Like adding dark beer to a stew...YUM! The book is broken up into categories by race...Human, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and others. There are bread recipes and some salads(Elven, natch!) as well as stews, soups and even drinks.

I am sure that if you are into the whole D&D thing you will get more of the 'in' jokes within the pages, but I found it fun and amusing just the same.


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