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Teaday~It's All About the Water

To make great tasting Tea, you have to start with great tasting water. If your tap water is that all means use it. I use a water filter that alkalizes and ionizes the water and it tastes awesome! You can find it here. The enemy of tea is Chlorine and Calcium, another good reason to filter your water!

The next thing it the water temperature...most folk just boil water and drop in a tea bag. Water should never actually be boiled. Different teas need different temperatures to be at their best. A electric kettle with a temperature gauge makes it easy.

White teas - 140F/60C

Green teas - 158F/70C to 176F/80C

Oolongs - 203F/95C

Black Teas @ Pu Erhs - 194F/90C

Steeping times vary depending on the type of teas also, check the labels...good tea companies always put the temp & time on them!

And enjoy your brew!


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