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Welcome to HumaniTEA!

Updated: May 16, 2021

This is the start of something grand! I have spent the last year plotting and planning on things to do after lockdown. We here in Oregon are open, closed, open, closed,'s getting a bit frustrating. So, I decided to start with this site and grow into my vision of a physical brick and mortar business. This is only a starting place, I hope to evolve this into more than just me and my computer, I see a company of people helping people in the many areas of wellness, so stick around and watch us grow!

Here I will try and make sense of the conflicting information that has been told to us for decades...nutrition, health, weight loss/gain, it can be over whelming trying to find your way through it all. We will take it back to basics, and give you ideas, tips and tricks so that you can make it yours. After all, it is your journey, your choice!

I will share book reviews and healthy recipes. I will also throw in as much fun and loving kindness as possible, because the journey is to be enjoyed!

Remember to be kind to yourself and be kind to others!



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